I cuming in her mouth of my sister!

I cuming in her mouth of my hot  stepsister!

Last weekend I went to my Dad’s house to visit; and I was surprised to meet my new sexy and hot stepsister there; so I fucked her and came in her mouth.

When I got home it seemed that there was no one but when I went up to look in the room I found this sexy girl in bed naked taking selfies of her beautiful body.

At first both puzzled we did not know what was happening but when we chatted everything became clear; and we introduce ourselves.

It turned out that my Dad didn’t tell me that he wouldn’t be home but my new sexy stepsister did with which I could have a great time.

Seeing her great body with her round ass and her rich tits made me horny;  and she noticed it so i wonder if i liked what i saw to which I obviously said yes.

She sucks my dick so good !

She approached me to unbutton my pants and take out my cock to suck it with her sexy mouth licking her slowly with her soft tongue while looking at me with her cute eyes.

After sucking my dick for a few minutes and almost I cuming in her mouth; I undressed and lay on the bed so that he could ride my cock with his beautiful ass.

She rode me front and reverse cowgirl shaking her ass on my stick squeezing it with her rich buttocks that are so beautiful moving perfectly on top of me. Her wet pussy swallowed all my cock making her enjoy while she also moaned with pleasure.

Then I put her doggy style on the edge of the bed to fuck her hard from behind Burying my full cock in her rich ass that she moves deliciously.

I hit her ass hard making her moan and scream with pleasure; she certainly enjoyed it as much as I did drill her ass with my cock as hard as never before!

Several minutes after fucking like crazy I ended up coming in her mouth filling her with my hot milk for her to swallow it like yougurt.

Without a doubt it was an excellent surprise to find her there and to be able to give her a very good welcome to the family as a good stepbrother.

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