I Fuck my Sister To Keep Her Secret

I Fuck my Sister To Keep Her Secret.

I fuck my Sister ’cause i found her masturbating last night and she asked me not to say any , but I get horny ´cause I saw her like that  and I convinced her to fuck just to keep the secret.

My Sis turns me on always with those big tits and that round ass so  I took the chance to fuck her, even more when I surprised her so hot.

I left my room to get some water when I heard something peculiar from the sister’s room so I walked over and I surprised her.

She was touching her hot pussy on the bed, wanted to be satisfied, so when she saw me, she got a little scared, but when she see  my cock, she sucked it with no problem.

At first I fucked her softly with small strokes in her pussy that was already hot   for my dick, she wanted me to get into her for a long time and that night I fulfilled it.

Little by little I hit her harder  while her big tits swayed in front of me, I caressed them while she looked at me eagerly.

Fuck her nice ass!

That nice ass bounced off so I turned her over to give her doggy style,  something that is always fascinating to do with asses like hers.

Then she wanted to ride  my big cock to better move her ass on my dick, she knows very well that I love to fuck her like that, she moves perfectly and makes me enjoy it totally. With increasingly rapid movements and with her tits hanging over my face, I enjoyed it and felt that I would come at any moment.

Then I fucked her like doggy style, giving her more and more hard in her juicy ass and then ending up throwing my cum on her face like she loves it, like a whore,

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