My girlfriend broke up with me so i fuck my step sister!

My girlfriend broke up with me so i fuck my sexy step sister!

Some days ago my girlfriend broke up with me ’cause she found a small kit of anal plugs that a friend recommended me to try with my girl.

But I think she didn’t like the idea so she got mad and left but my hot sister asked me what was going on and I showed her the kit to what she said was normal  and that I could even test them with her!

She took the kit asking if I was accompanying her and went to my room, So when I saw that my girl had left without hesitation I went after my sexy sister.

Being so sexy with a big round ass my stepsister couldn’t waste that opportunity, so being in my room she took off her little panties and stood on the edge of the bed showing her big ass.

She took one of the plugs and began to insert it in her ass inviting me to join and help her with the work and I started caressing her big buttocks while kissing her ass.

Fucking her big ass

Unexpectedly my girl came back and found us so obviously she got more angry and left so I had no choice but to finish what I had already started with my sexy and hot step sister.

I was already very horny with everything so without further ado I put my cock in her pussy; fucking her doggy style while the plug was still nailed in her big and beautiful ass.

Making her moan with each thrust of cock that I gave her, she enjoyed the fuck waiting for the moment when I would do it in her asshole!

So after lubricating her pussy a bit with my cock, I started to fuck her in the ass just as hard, putting all my dick from behind as she likes.

I was breaking her ass from behind for several minutes making her enjoy my cock in her ass , so that later she would suck my cock a little and continue fucking her juicy ass for a while longer.

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