My hot Stepsister wants fulfills her cat fantasy!

My hot Stepsister wants  to fulfills her  sexual cat fantasy with me!

Since a few day ago my hot stepsister wants to fulfills her sexual cat fantasy, she  is a big cat lover and quite horny too so she wanted to combine two of her passions.

I was quiet in the living room of the house, sitting in my favorite chair watching nonsense on my cell phone when she showed up with one of her feline stuffed animals; trying to attract my attention.

She told me to play with her kitten, as if it were a real pet but I told her it was just a stuffed toy, but she insisted on a sexy way.

At first I was a little annoyed and threw her teddy on the ground, but she crawled to pick it up, revealing her pretty ass in her tiny denim shorts.

And when she swung around after picking up her stuffed toy, she placed herself in front of me squatting, leaving her big tits in my crotch, putting something horny on me.

I was stroking her doll while she squirmed sexyly rubbing her tits on me but we stopped doing it when we heard our parents come home.

But at night when everyone had already gone to bed, I was in bed in my room when my always horny stepsister reappeared but this time dressed as a sexy kitten.

She comes as a kitten to fuck her!

I had not seen her until she suddenly jumped into my bed, figuring she was now the kitten that in the same way she wanted me to caress her and play with me.

So she started crawling on my bed with her sexy outfit showing her delicious body and her nice ass ready to fuck it hard and make her meow wiht pleasure!

She got on top of me placing her round ass on my face so that I could start to taste it with my tongue while she pulled my dick out of my pants.

She started to suck my cock that was already somewhat hard, while she looked at me with her pretty eyes and her kitty outfit that made me want to be able to fuck her right away.

I pushed her in front of me to start nailing my hard cock from behind holding her rich buttocks with both hands while she moaned and enjoyed my cock stuck in her pussy.

Her pretty face expressed the pleasure she felt as I kept sticking my cock into her tight pussy making her meow louder and louder.

Until I end up cumming on her kitty face so that she lick all my cum like the whore that she is and the kitten who loves to taste my hot milk!

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