I fuck my sister in her room!

I fuck my sister in her room after family´s dinner last night!

Last night I fucked my sister in her room after family´s dinner , she´s pretty sexy and it always makes me horny to see her with her pretty dresses.

We had a family dinner like every Friday but there was something with my little sister that told me she was looking to have fun.

When we finished dinner she went to her room so I went to look for her a few minutes later, she was lying face down on her bed and already in her nightwear, but she was still awake wasting time with her cell phone.

When I entered her room I asked her about anything just to start a conversation, we chatted common things and started joking and playing around a bit.

Little by little the conversation and the rest began to get more like a joke and I told her if she would like to have a moment of passion.

At first she refused, but I convinced her, I threw my hand under her pants and began to caress her beautiful ass while I pulled my dick in front of her.

She sucks my dick so good!

I put my fingers in her wet pussy caressing her ass, she just looked at me and got more and more excited, until she was already more horny, she began to suck my cock sucking it and putting it completely in her mouth, while she looked at me with her beautiful and big eyes.

And so we were for a few minutes, I caressing and fingering her pussy and ass while she sucked my cock quite well making it hard and ready , so I fuck my sister in her room!

She was still lying on her stomach, so I got on top and started to put my cock in her, fucking her from behind while she wiggled her ass enjoying my dick in her pussy.

Moaning excitedly she was shaking more and more and moaning louder at moments, I covered her mouth so that she would not make more noise and they would discover us.

Minutes later I turned her to fuck her as a missionary, shaking her tits with every thrust of his cock. she thoroughly enjoyed every portion of dick I gave her.

In the end I ended up coming on her abdomen filling it with my hot milk for her to lick it with her fingers, being satisfied for that night.

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