My sister fucks with her teacher!

My sister fucks with her teacher!

My sister fucks with her teacher in order to get a good final grade and pass the school year she needed an excellent grade and she knew how to get it!

She went to her teacher’s office in the company of her boyfriend, she knew it was a difficult exam and was a little nervous .

So she walk into the office leaving her boyfriend outside in the waiting room, She got the exam with the instructions and began to try to solve it but  it was very difficult to solve so she decided to ask her teacher for a little help.

He was on the other side of the desk so she got on so that he will unbutton her blouse and start caressing her cute little tits.

Then she walked around the desk so she could start sucking his cock making sure her boyfriend didn’t see or hear something.

She fucks in him office!

After sucking his cock a little, the teacher told her that it was time to complete the exam He told her to turn around and bend over on the desk, he took off her panties and began to slowly fuck her from behind.

Putting his hard cock in her pussy giving it little shoves so as not to make too much noise, she moans softly enjoying the fuck they gave her.

Several minutes he put his cock from behind in her small but round ass, sometimes he would shake it on her buttocks and put it back in to continue making her enjoy.

Despite not being able to make much noise, she enjoyed being fucked since it was exciting to know that her boyfriend was outside.

At the end they both got what they wanted, her good final grade and fucking a rich pussy of a pretty student like my sister.

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