Playing a prank on my stepsister and I fuck her!

Playing a prank on my stepsister and I fuck her hard!

Some days ago I playing a prank on my big ass stepsister and I fuck her hard in her bedroom after that she will take a shower to wait for her boyfriend.

She was in her room talking to her boyfriend on the cell phone when the talk started to get hot; so I stayed outside her room to listen a little.

I started to hear that she was getting very horny and when I peeked through her ajar door I saw that she was fingering her pussy while twisting very hot.

As the talk progressed, she asked her boyfriend to come see her because she was very hot and wanted to feel his cock in her wet pussy.

So she got into the shower to be ready while I kept spying on her looking at her delicious naked body under the stream of water and how it ran from her big round ass.

At that moment her boyfriend sent her one last message where he told her that he could not go but I decided to erase it so that she could continue enlisting.

She got out of the shower and went to her bed totally naked and only blindfolded to wait for her boy, with that opportunity I continued with my joke and entered her bedroom as if I were her boyfriend.

I approached her and began to suck her wet pussy making her moan eager to have my cock inside, so I immediately started to nail my dick hard while she was still lying with the blindfold over her eyes.

I nail my cock in her wet pussy!

And a couple of minutes of being fucking her she took off the blindfold and surprised and very annoyed she began to yell at me.

I just told her that it was a joke like what she had done to me a few months before; and having my big hard cock in front of her and she was already very horny she decided to go ahead with everything

So she started to suck my dick and then get on top of me and ride my cock with her huge ass in reverse cowgirl style.

And so for a while I was breaking her big ass with my hard dick; making her moan and enjoy impaling her doggy style like in several other positions until I ended up coming on her face.

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