How I Fucked my Sister in the laundry room

How I Fucked my  naughty Sister in the laundry room!

I will tell you how I Fucked my Sister in the laundry room some days ago  when we were alone at house and my friends  canceled my plans to go out.

She was washing her clothes  and for some reason couldn’t get out  her arm from the washing machine staying with the rest of the  body outside, she was wearing her exercise shorts so her steep ass looked quite appetizing like this.

Scream for help so I went to see what happened, when i came in I saw the situation was funny and I annoyed her a little by making fun for her taking pictures with my cell phone.

Trying to help her she stuck her delicious ass to me which made me horny,  she has a pretty sexy round ass that many would like to be able to fuck it!

I convinced her that by taking off her shorts I could hold her better so i did it and it looked so sexy with her ass in the air ready to get dick.

My cock started to get very hard, it was quite exciting to see her like this, her pussy uncovered in front of me so I put my fingers in it to put it on.

I fuck her by having her ass in front of me

A little puzzled she asked me what I was doing but I knew she was liking it so I put my hard cock in her and started to fuck her steep in front of me it was something succulent!

She was able to free herself from the washing machine but it didn’t stop me from fucking her she steep bouncing her ass on me with every dick shove she gave her.

We fucked for a while I put her in doggy style, she rode my cock for a while too and after I fucked her from behind again I came on her face as she likes.

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