I teach my Sister how to Fuck

I teach my Sister how to Fuck

So I teach my Sister how to fuck because she wanted to have some experience to show with her boyfriend the next day that they had a date.

I was resting for a while, lying on my bed, when she came in and started fiddling around, She asked me to touch her, she has tasty tits and she showed them to me.

She is quite sexy and more when she wears those little shorts that highlight her round and juicy ass, It makes me quite horny to see her like this and more when I tan her this close.

We talked for a few minutes but she took out my cock and started to suck it. licking it all and stroking my balls, that drives me crazy!. Lying on my bed she sucked my cock a little, with slow movements which made it quite hard and ready to take it!

I pushed her on the bed and started to fuck her doggy style, her juicy ass wiggled with my dick, giving her immediate pleasure. She likes me to caress her buttocks while I fuck her like this, from behind, giving her little shoves with my manhood.

Little by little I started to fuck her faster and harder, making her moan louder, I thought they could hear us but luckily it wasn’t like that and I was able to fuck her my way.


After fucking her from behind, I leaned back so that she could ride my dick, with her wet butt, she likes that too much, moving on top, she knows how to do it.

We spent several minutes with her on top of me, riding me with pleasure, but I can’t take it anymore and I came on her abdomen, she liked it.

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