My sister dressed as an Easter bunny and I fucked her!

My sister dressed as an easter bunny and I fucked her huge ass hard!

The other day my sister dressed as an Easter bunny revealing her huge and juicy ass so appetizing that I had no choice but to fuck her.

We had talked about some sexual fantasies and I told her that one of mine was to fuck a sexy girl in bunny outfit or at least that I suck it a little.

So since it was just my birthday, she decided to save me a surprise for when we were alone at home. and that afternoon was the ideal moment.

We were alone in the living room and she told me that she would go to her room for a little surprise that she had in store for me.

She asked me to cover my eyes until she came back and when I did, I found her wearing a sexy outfit like the one I described for one of my fantasies.

I immediately started to touch her and caress her delicious body wrapped in the tiny costume making my cock start to get very hard.

She sucks my hard dick!

She noticed it so she got on her knees to start sucking my hard cock, putting it completely inside her mouth and licking every millimeter with her soft tongue.

Eager to help her take off her costume to put her doggy style on the couch and be able to fuck that big ass from behind!

She shook her ass with every strong dick thrust that I gave her moaning with her eyes closed while still wearing her flirty sexy bunny ears.

Her big buttocks shook as I kept drilling her pussy holding her waist and caressing her neck and hair In which she asked me to give her tight pussy stronger.

Making her moan more and more enjoying my hard cock inside her wet pussy while I caressed her pretty tits and kissed her neck.

After breaking her pussy a little from behind she wanted to ride my cock so she trotted on top placing her big ass on top of my dick.

Her huge butt crushed my balls in every seat she gave, shaking her tits in my face while she moaned with pleasure enjoying the impaled I gave her.

I held her round ass with both hands while I nailed my cock hard in her tight pussy enjoying her sexy body on top of me.

And so I was drilling her ass for a long time making her scream with pleasure until I ended up coming on her pretty face, filling her all with my hot milk the way she likes it, she is a very slutty bunny!

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