My stepsister comes to my room to fuck her!

My stepsister comes to my room to fuck her hard!

I was relax in my bedroom but suddenly my stepsister comes to my room;  just looking to turn me on to fuck her hard the way she likes it!

She is older than me and already lives in her own apartment but she came to visit the house for the weekend, to spend and celebrate daddy’s birthday as a family.

I always liked looking at her ass when she was still living with us; spying on her in the shower while she pulled my cock imagining I could fuck her and cum on her ass!

But she always saw me as the silly little brother or at least she thought so, but this last year I decided to get in shape and exercise so when she saw me again I no longer seemed so bad I think.

So she waited for the night to sneak into my room while I was already in bed, to sit next to me and start getting horny.

Showing me her shaved pussy and her rich tits that I always wanted to be able to drink and caress so it was a fantasy that she was passing.

She sucks my dick so good!

She approached me, she lowered my pants and began to suck my cock, stroking it from top to bottom with her soft hands while she put it completely in her mouth..

Then she lay on her back so that I began to hammer my cock into her while she looked at me excitedly, caressing her tits with her hands.

My cock entered her tight and wet pussy as she gasped a bit and  asquing me “how it felt to fuck her for the first time?

Obviously it was something extremely cool for me to be able to fuck her after so many nights pulling my dick myself, fantasizing about her and her juicy ass.

And it got even better when she turned to doggy style and now I can fuck her hard from behind looking like her big buttocks swallowed my dick tried to squeeze it and get his juice.

And after a while fucking her in different positions, both she riding my cock and I nailing it hard from behind I ended up coming in her mouth emptying my cum into this splashing her face!

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