My Stepsister fucks so good!

My Stepsister fucks so good in my bedroom!

My Stepsister came to my room and  fucks so good with me, I still can’t believe that happened because she was always  very rude and mocking with me.

A few days ago I was in my room seeing how my altar boy’s robe would fit since I was going to render my religious service when my stepsister came in by surprise and started to bother me.

Making fun of my outfit and that it was likely a sexual reprimand, that he surely had a very small dick and that’s why he was going to be an altar boy.

That pissed me off a bit and we started to fight slightly, and with the jerks we fell on the bed and she could feel my cock getting hard.

Despite her attitude I have always liked my stepsister, she is very hot and even more so when she wears her little shorts that make her ass look so good and sexy besides being tremendously horny.

So when we were in bed together, she couldn’t resist wanting to see and taste my cock and she began to suck him with her hot mouth giving big licks with her dirty tongue that she knows perfectly how to use.

She sucked my cock!

For a few minutes managing to make it so hard to fuck her hard as she likes. I started fucking her as a missionary style, watching her small but rich tits shake with every thrust of cock I gave her.

it was a moment when she moaned and enjoyed the fuck  I was giving her, He had had this fantasy of being able to fuck her and it was incredible that it was already happening. Then I pushed her onto the bed to have her ass in front of me and end up fucking her from behind!

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