Special Day with my hot Stepsister!

Special Day with my hot and sexy Stepsister fucking!

Last valentine’s day my stepsister got into a fight with her boyfriend; so she invited me to spend a Special Day and night  with her!

She had prepared a special surprise for him but , he behaved like an idiot and she sent him to hell, but she did not want to waste everything and as she knew that I am without commitment she did not hesitate to call me.

From a reserved room she called me, and I went immediately and she received me with a sexy red lingerie that showed her big tits and all her beautiful and sexy body.

So instantly I was already very horny;  she laid me down on a sofa that was there and began to suck my cock that was getting very hard and ready to fuck her.

Her mouth swallowed my cock completely while with her hand she rubbed it and pulled gently licking my balls  with her soft tongue.

She was sucking my cock for several minutes enjoying my stick inside her mouth like a girl savoring her favorite candy.

Riding mu cock with her round ass!

Then she got on top of me to ride my cock already very hard with her rich ass shaking her buttocks at a perfect rhythm.

She looked at me excitedly while my cock dug into her wet butt and made her moan louder and louder while her big tits jerk hard.

Her rich body wiggled on top of me while she squeezed my cock with her ass with every feeling she gave on top of me , She is definitely a whore who knows perfectly how to satisfy a male.

Moments later I laid her on her back on the sofa to fuck her missionary style while I caressed her big tits and kept sticking my hard cock in her pussy.

I was definitely enjoying the gift that she had prepared for her stupid boyfriend enjoying fucking her hard the way she likes it.

I ended up coming on her face filling her with my hot milk that she likes too much and savors licking and swallowing.

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