Brother fucks his hot stepsister in his living room!

Brother fucks his hot stepsister in his living room!

He fucks his hot stepsister in his living room when there was no one else at home she is so sexy and makes him very horny always.

The stepsister was doing some exercises,  she was wearing her leggings with which she highlights her perfect round ass that excites anyone. So when he saw her, he did not hesitate to try to convince her to have a while of pleasure and have a little fun.

He started by asking about the exercises she did, to break the ice she invited him to join the exercise session but he wanted to just be an observer.

She was doing a routine to shape her beautiful butt more so he began to praise her body mentioning how sexy she was and that he really liked her. She felt flattered and complacent so he noted that she had turned him on and that he was having an erection.

Sucking his dick!

So she reached over and pulled his cock out of his pants and began to suck it gently stroking it all with her fingers making her hard to be able to fuck her.

After a few minutes she undressed, revealing her perfect body, her round ass and her rich tits that he had imagined so much.

He leaned on the edge of the coach and she began to ride his hard cock giving strong feelings with her great ass that bounced and balanced perfectly.

His big dick was embedded well in his sister’s wet pussy giving her absolute pleasure, her round ass gave her the pleasure she always wanted, finally fulfilling her fantasies.

They fucked like this for several minutes, giving her his cock from behind filling her pussy hungry for pleasure with meat.

Then she leaned back on the couch so that he would fuck her from the front and end up cumming on her rich tits desires of her hot milk.

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