My sister is bored so challenges me to fuck her!

My sister is bored so challenges me to fuck her!

My sister was bored so she came to my room to hang out and we end up fucking so good. I was on my room playing with my phone when she came in and asked me what I was doing.

We started chatting a little bit about school and stuff like that. and we started to judge truth or dare, so the situation started to get heated.

She challenged me to kiss her and cuddle her and shortly after to kiss her little tits. I did it and my cock got hard she noticed it so she dared me to fuck her.

I took off her little shorts that she was wearing , I took off my pants leaving my cock outside. She saw it and immediately wanted to taste it.

She got on top of me to ride my cock with her perfect round ass Moving smoothly while I put my dick in her rich and wet pussy.

His moans were getting louder and louder, my cock gave her the pleasure she needed;I held her buttocks with my two hands while I put my whole dick into her.

My father almost caught us fucking!

We had to suddenly interrupt everything. My Dad knocked on the door of my room and almost caught her sucking my dick behind the door but luckily it wasn’t like that and I was able to fuck her!

She spent a few moments sucking my cock licking it completely and then putting it from behind. I pushed her on the bed and started fucking her from behind.

I drilled her ass making her moan with pleasure while squeezing the sheets with her hands I ended up fucking her as a missionary to see me on her tits and her lick my hot cum with his tongue.

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