I fuck my stepsister just before going to school!

I fuck my Stepsister in my bed  just before going to school!

I fuck my sister just before going to school, She always looks so sexy in her uniform and with her pigtails that I can’t help but get so horny when I see her.

It was early in the morning and I was sleeping soundly when I suddenly woke up it was my sister saying that it was getting late to take her to school.

That bothered me a bit but it didn’t stop my hard cock like every morning from showing through my pants and she noticed She teased a bit but she liked it and wanted to see it up close.

I convinced her to play a little with it, but I would not take her to school and she began to touch my dick  with her beautiful hands, pulling him and caressing it a little with her fingers.

And so it was for a few minutes she pulling my cock making it very hard until she noticed the time and said it was time to go.

She went to the bathroom to give herself a final makeup touch-up, I followed her and when I entered after her with my hard cock in my hand she no longer resisted and wanted to suck it right there!

Sucking my dick!

Bending over she began to suck my cock with her hot mouth licking it complete with her sweet lips making it very hard and ready to fuck my stepsister.

We returned to my room, I lay on the edge of the bed so that she could ride my cock with her rich ass that swallowed all my dick with every feeling I gave.

Her pigtails swayed from one side to the other while my cock pierced her ass she enjoys it, then I fucked her on the bed to fuck her from behind something she also enjoys a lot is a horny bitch who loves a hard cock in her ass!

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