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Last night my nerdly sister fucks with me after the school she always looks very sexy in her schoolgirl uniform getting horny and wanting to fulfill certain fantasies with her.

It all started in the morning when she was getting ready to go to school and I made her fall on the carpet making her play with her panties a bit.

I put my fingers in her wet little pussy starting to excite her and eager to fuck, a few moments later she came wetting my fingers so I put them in her mouth so she could lick them and taste her juice

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So later when she came home she went to look for me in my room wearing a sexy outfit looking to make me horny so now if I would fuck her.

She got on my bed and began to suck my cock with his delicate lips taking big sips of my cock with her mouth trying to make it as hard as possible to have it inside his ass.

Time to fuck her!

After getting my cock hard she was ready to ride it and satisfy her sexual appetite that she had been holding since the morning.

Beginning to ride my cock with desire and force, devouring all my cock with her rich wet and tight pussy that every time knows how to do it better.

My sister fucks so delicious that I can’t stop thinking about doing it one more time every chance I get To be able to put my dick up behind him and fill his ass and mouth with semen so that he swallows all my milk with his dirty slutty mouth.

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