Stepsister fucks gently to comfort me

My Stepsister fucks gently  to comfort me yesterday.

I was a little sad because the pretty girl from school dumped me so my Stepsister fucks gently in the couch to comfort me a little.

At first when she hinted that she could sunbathe a bit by fucking with me, I didn’t like the idea very much but it is also very sexy and hot so in the end I couldn’t resist.

She took off the sexy blue dress she was wearing, revealing her beautiful body with her tits and her very nice ass that she has.

Leaning back on the couch she started rubbing her pussy with her fingers making me get more and more horny and my cock get hard.

Upon realizing she took my cock out of my pants to start sucking it hard, wanting to get it ready to have it inside her ass.

I pushed her

On the couch to fuck her from behind, the way she likes it, she’s a dirty bitch. She said that my cock went very deep but she always likes it that way,

Her rich ass was swallowed the whole cock while she is steep while I took some photos with my cell phone to send them to the girl who rejected me and see what she had missed.

My cock entered fully in her wet pussy making her moan a lot, luckily we were alone and no one could hear

I fucked her hard from behind several minutes hitting her buttocks with my crotch making her germinate with pleasure.

We keep fucking for a little while longer. I kept filling her rich pussy with my cock, making her enjoy each thrust hitting her buttocks with my balls. She is a tasty whore and enjoys that a lot .

n the end I ended up coming in her mouth for her to swallow all my cum, that fascinates her, swallowing everything that comes out of my cock, licking every last drop, My Stepsis is an insatiable whore.