Sleepy StepSister come to my bed to Fuck her

Sleepy StepSister come to my bed to Fuck her

Last night I was already sleeping peacefully when my stepsister woke me up asking me to let her get into my bed waiting for me to Fuck her.

At first I refused since it did not seem like a good idea but she insisted that I could not refuse, especially when I saw that she also undressed to be just like me. She asked me to hug her, so when I did my cock started to get hard when it touched her bubble and juicy ass.

When she felt my dick, she began to wiggle her nice butt, with increasing emphasis making me get more and more horny and wishing I could put my cock in her ass and make her enjoy!

I began to caress her rich tits while I kept rubbing my dick on her ass and she began to touch her pussy with soft movements beginning to be wet.

It wasn’t long before she started rubbing my cock with her hand, making it harder and ready for me to stick it in her juicy and wet pussy.

Ready to fucking my stepsister!

After we were messing around a bit, I started fucking her as a missionary,  making her moan softly so as not to make too much noise, ´cause my parents were in the other room.

Then she wanted to ride  my big cock to better move her ass on my dick, she knows very well that I love to fuck her like that, she moves perfectly and makes me enjoy it totally. With increasingly rapid movements and with her tits hanging over my face, I enjoyed it and felt that I would come at any moment.

Then I fucked her like doggy style, giving her more and more hard in her juicy ass and then ending up throwing my cum on her face like she loves it, like a whore,

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