How I got to Fuck my Sister

How I got to Fuck my Sister

Well this is about to How I got to Fuck my Sister some days ago while we were at home not doing much but wanting to break the rules and be a little crazy.

We were on the couch talking about the nonsense her boyfriend had done to finish, she tried to let him know that it had been okay.

And little by little we began to connect to the point of getting horny, so I began to touch her small tits wanting to tear off her blouse and be able to fucked hard.

At first she resisted a bit but I put her hand on my cock over my pants so he could feel my big and hard cock ready for her to suck me.  As soon as she saw it, she loved it and immediately put it in her mouth to start eating it with her dirty tongue, saying that it was quite huge but she swallowed it without problem.

Ready to fuck her!

I took off her tight panties and pushed her onto the couch, exposing her rich ass, small but very juicy, ready to fuck her rigorously in doggy style so she could moan with pleasure.

Her ass bounced against me with each hard lunge I gave her, he began to scream louder and louder as my cock was giving her the pleasure that she needed as the whore that she is.

After a while I leaned back so that she could ride me , and she did it with his rich ass shaking my dick and causing his pussy to get wet enjoying every movement.

In the end she turned around to continue riding in reverse cowgirl style, showing how her nice ass swallowed all my hard dick with each nail , after that I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came on her rich butt that had been bouncing me that afternoon.

She’s a tasty bitch and I’m sure she’ll be back soon for more.

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