My Stepsister wants to Fuck

My Stepsister wants to Fuck

The other day I knew that my Stepsister wants to Fuck since she woke me up asking me as a joke but her eyes said that she wanted to fuck hard.

During the day I saw her while preparing breakfast in the kitchen,  with her shorts that make her ass look quite sexy and fuckable, so I interrupted her by touching her small tits.

Although at that moment nothing happened, I knew that she still wanted me to fuck her, so later I surprised her in the shower, naked shaking my cock in front of her, she got a bit screwed up  but I know she liked it.

We fuck in my bedroom

So later I went into my room with her, pushed her onto the bed, lowered her shorts and began to fuck her doggy style, as she gasped loudly.

Her ass is quite rich and with my cock inserted it is even more so, she moves little but it is enough to make me feel quite good, so I give her harder and harder.

We were fucking like that for a while and she moaned harder and harder and asked me to put her wilder enjoying every inch of my cock in her pussy.

Then she turned to take her now as a missionary showing her small but rich tits and watching me with her horny gaze asking for more  cock in her wet pussy.

We ended up fucking with her on top, riding me and making her enjoy all her horny ass moving on top of me, with wild but rich movements and nailing her hard making her enjoy like the whore she is and who knows that I will please her so that she is satisfied.

In the end I finished up inside her, causing her to be a bit annoyed by leaving her pussy full of my hot milk but I know she’ll be back for more cuz she’s a hot bitch.