I fuck my sister’s best friend!

I fuck my sister’s best friend in her college dorm!

I fuck my sister’s best friend the other day I helped her move a few things into her college dorm  her roommate was not there and we took advantage of the moment.

There were several boxes to climb, so when I finished, an old injury on my leg started to hurt a bit. I lay down to rest a little and she started to check me.

She began to give me a light massage and my cock began to get hard, she noticed it and commented that perhaps the cause could be repressing sexual activity.

So she took my cock out of my pants and began to suck it gently making me very horny  and wanting to fuck her on her college bed.

Her mouth swallowed my whole cock giving strong licks with her hot tongue, caressing my balls with her soft hands she made me ready to fuck her round and juicy ass!

I fuck her hard on her bed!

She kept sucking my cock for a few minutes with the idea that it was only helping to mitigate the pain in my leg So I convinced her that maybe if she rode my dick a little it would help a lot.

Convinced she got on top of me and began to ride my dick hard with her rich ass moving nice squeezing my cock with her rich buttocks Her tits moved without ceasing with each feeling she gave on my cock making her moan with pleasure.

After a while she leaned back so that I could keep putting my dick in her wet pussy and she moaned louder and louder.

I put my cock in her mouth again so she could lick some of her warm juices that her hot pussy smeared on my stick getting ready to finish drilling her ass like doggy style.

I ended up fucking her hard from behind cumming on her round ass filling her buttocks with my hot cum!

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