My stepsister takes me to her room to fuck her!

My horny stepsister takes me to her room to fuck her!

On the weekend i was at home watching the game with dad but my stepsister is always horny so she takes me to her room to fuck her!

I was on the couch with dad and my sister was at the table behind us she was doing some school stuff but with her always mischievous look she distracted me and excited me!

After some looks she started to touch her pussy I was getting more and more horny but I had to hide it, and dad was next to me.

At one point she got up and took off her blouse, revealing her pretty tits and making the sign to go to her so i had to, go touch them and kiss them a little.

My cock was already very hard  and She noticed it so he bent down and began to suck it very good putting it full in her mouth and licking with her sweet lips my balls.

She wanted me to fuck her now!

After a few minutes she couldn’t take it anymore and she takes me to her room to fuck her while dad was still watching the game.

Already in her room she leaned over the bed to fuck her hard from behind while squeezing the sheets with his hands moaning with pleasure.

Her rich butt received all my hard cock squeezing it with her rich buttocks she has a very rich ass that one really enjoys fucking it like this.

For a while she was so steep getting all the dick that I gave her is a horny bitch that she loves all that. then I lay down so that she could ride on me riding hard my cock crushing it with her rich ass.

We were failing like this for several more minutes until I ended up coming in her face until dad came in and we were surprised I think he didn’t like seeing that much!

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