My sister wants some tickets so I Fuck her!

My sister wants some tickets so I Fuck her hard!

My sister is very fond of baseball and her favorite team would play the championship game so she wanted tickets to go to the game.

She knew that I had a couple of tickets, she was confident and could not buy hers so she pretended to take mine believing that I would not catch her.

I had left the house for a few things and she entered my room to steal the tickets, she knew that I would have them in my bureau.

Took them and she pretended to get her way but she did not expect that I already imagined what she was planning  so I came back earlier to surprise her.

She got nervous when she saw me and started talking nonsense and nonsense trying to distract me and convince me to give her my tickets to the game.

But that was not going to be an easy thing, I was not going to give her what she wanted without something in return and I knew exactly what it could be.

I told her that I could give it to her if she would please me with some conditions she has a perfect, round and rich ass she always excites me when I look at her. And if my sister wants to enjoy me too

So I told her that she would have to let me try it in exchange for the tickets but to start she had to suck my cock a little and so she did.

Fucking her in my bed!

I took my cock out of my pants and she began to suck it by putting it completely in her mouth and licking it with her soft lips caressing my balls with her delicate hands.

I took off the sexy sports outfit that she used to push her on the bed and now I will fuck her rich ass putting my dick from behind in doggy style making her moan and enjoy it.

We fucked hard for several minutes , She rode my cock and I enjoy her in other positions until I ended up cumming on her small tits splashing my cum in her mouth for her to lick.

And in the end we both got something we wanted.

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