My schoolgirl stepsister fucks with me in the living room

My schoolgirl stepsister fucks with me

Yesterday my schoolgirl stepsister fucks with me in the living room after the school, We were home alone  so we could fuck all day.

She was wearing her little skirt that enhances her little ass, I love that and it always make me very horny and always wanting to fuck her.

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All the time she always wiggles when we are at home, knowing that at any opportunity I will fuck her the way she likes it, like the slut she is!

After a while of fucking her doggy style, I leaned back so that she could suck my cock full of her juice, the rich nectar of her pussy that she enjoys licking.

She always eats my whole cock, she loves to swallow it and suffocate it a little, she really likes to have the cock up to her throat and lick it with her dirty tongue.

We keep fucking for a little while longer. I kept filling her rich pussy with my cock, making her enjoy each thrust hitting her buttocks with my balls.

In the end I ended up coming in her mouth for her to swallow all my cum, that fascinates her, swallowing everything that comes out of my cock, licking every last drop, My Stepsis is an insatiable whore.