Stepsis Fucks with me to get the top bunk

Stepsis Fucks with me to get the top bunk

My Stepsis Fucks with me last night to get the top bunk, She is pretty horny and she likes to get what she wants always.

She entered the room when I was about to go up to the upper bunk to sleep, She said that that bunk was hers and it didn’t matter what he said she would occupy it. and that bothered me a little.

We started arguing about it, when she started to insinuate herself and that made me horny, Eager to fuck her and make her scream. She got naked and that made my cock start to get harder.

At one point in the discussion she climbed onto the top bunk and started rubbing her butt with the pillow making me more aroused.

We started to Fuck!

Then she challenged me not to let her rub her pussy on me, and I rode. Until he couldn’t hold it anymore and he took my dick out of the boxer to really ride it. I started to fuck her riding on me like a reverse cowgirl, moving smoothly but with her hot ass squeezing my dick.

With her ass swinging on my cock, she made her moan harder and harder, she likes to be fucked like that she is a horny and dirty slut.

Then I put her on the lower bunk to fuck her as a missionary, shaking her tits every time I put my cock in her wet pussy making her moan and enjoy.

My balls collided with her buttocks, making her ask to fuck her harder every time, and I fulfilled my cock to the bottom with every push.

Shortly after, she got in doggy style so I could fuck her from behind which she loves, she is a hot slut, and she likes to fuck like that, she can’t help it.

I ended up cuming on her face so that she swallowed all my cum with her mouth and her dirty bitch tongue, I know that soon she will ask me to fuck her again.

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